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Lawn Project - Timeline to fight crabgrass using Tenacity

Garden VA
3 years ago

Hi, lawn experts,

My lawn is infected by crabgrass this year. The current lawn is Scott Sun and Shade. It’s a mix of Kentucky Blue Grass, I believe. It’s pretty much dormant now due to the heat this year. Then the crabgrass took over.

Here is my plan:

8/21: Spray Tenacity to kill off weeds as much as possible.

9/11: Overseed with Tall Fescue. Tall Fescue appears to be the best adaptable grass here in Northen VA. It’s 3 weeks after the spray of Tenacity. Seed gemination should not be impacted, I assume.

This should give the seeds 2 weeks to geminate, and 4 weeks to develop roots, before 11/1 when the temperature will be too low.

Next Spring: Spray Tenacity to kill any weeds that are still live. Maybe two applications.

Is there any issue with this plan? Would appreciate any advice you can provide, especially real-life experience with Tenacity. This is the first time that I am going to use it.

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