Leftover Regal, Aura, or Advance for closet

2 years ago

I’ve been installing a closet system in my teenager daughter’s bedroom and did a number on the drywall. To be fair, she was pretty hard on it before - I think she was throwing shoes in! I have enough leftover paint from several projects: Aura Matte, Regal Eggshell, quite a bit Advance Semi and just enough for 1 coat Advance Satin. They are all in the same color as the trim in her room (super white). I also have quite a bit of Advance Matte in decorator’s white but not sure if that will look dingy in a closet and if Advance is okay to use on a wall. I’m guessing it’s more likely to chip on drywall? Most of it is covered by the closet system but this one portion is drywall with hooks and may still take some abuse, though probably not as much as before.

I have my preferences as far as sheen and types of paint for most rooms in my house, but no idea what’s good for closets.

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