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North Facing Room - Paint Help

Melissa Keith
4 years ago

We hope to update and brighten our walls from SW Kilm Beige. The challenge-it's a North facing room and prone to looking gloomy. Also trying to work with our Navy/griege rug (may have not been the best color choice, but kids & pets!) Our kitchen cabinets are Intellectual Gray on bottom and Alabaster on top. SW is the closest paint store. I'm considering: a lighter shade on the walls than the cabinets (worldly gray or agreeable gray) and put up light-med blue curtains, that would update the beige-iness but I'm not sure that would help brighten the room. Can you recommend a cream or bone that doesn't go too yellow in a dim room? Any ideas for other wall colors? Someone suggested dusty blue with gray in it. It would have to have enough blue to avoid too much gray, but too much blue.. would overwhelm the space. I'd love to know any other opinions or ideas.

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