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Help with Gertrude Jekyll rose

4 years ago

Hi folks,

We live along tidal river in southern Connecticut. In June my husband saw and fell in love with a Gertrude Jekyll rose at a garden center. I planted it in a combination of garden soil, compost and Coast of Maine Lobster Compost. Before the warm weather hit, I applied Rose Tone around the base. The rose was doing beautifully and blooming her head off. Then in early summer my husband became very ill and was hospitalized. All of my time and energy was spent on him.

When he came home and I had the time to look at the gardens, I saw that Gertrude had grown! She has sent up several canes that are about 4 feet tall. I'm guessing she should be bushy and not leggy and that a well-branched Gertrude will produce more blooms? How do I prune her into a better "place" without damaging her?

I'm attaching three photos. In the first two you can kind of see her original bushy shape. The last one gives a close up of several canes that may help with a pruning suggestion. I appreciate any ideas you have!


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