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What window treatment for this huge arched window?

Andy L.
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I have this large arched window in my stairwell, 7' tall. I love the light coming in but don't love the neighbors right there. I need privacy but want to keep as much light as possible. I attempted a half curtain below the arch but it does not give enough privacy. The arch has to be covered. Maybe eventually I will find or have a stained glass window made, but for now, I need a window treatment. Any ideas?

While I'm at you have any suggestions for my living room windows? Same situation, to maximize incoming light while having privacy. The front window is rather large, about 90" wide. I don't want to cover the wood frame. I have more modern/minimal style. I am thinking about roman shades. Any other suggestions? Also, if doing an inside mount which lip would I measure for? There are 2. Thanks for any help!

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