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show me your epi cactutus and succulent collection

4 years ago

I only have a couple of babies here but I only began my journey with plants last October. Not to say I didn't try plants over the years. But I barley could keep simple ones alive. Now my desire to keep a plant alive started with a jade plant I received as a decent bundle of cuttings from a dear friend 13 years ago. I was terrified I would kill so I gave to my mother to take care of. About 3 years ago my mother gave a small bit of the original cutting back that was thriving in a new pot. I almost killed it with too little water and not noticing the soil needed replaced. I was failing my jade. I had to keep it alive. So I went out and gave it new soil and showed my jade that I really did care about her life.... she has blessed me and is surviving. It took me a year to feel comfortable with my jade now surviving and growing well before I decided to venture into other plants. Still a plant that survives better on a little neglect is my area I can thrive better in. I know some of the names but not all. Here is my collection. As I'm looking... I need to do some repotting... please forgive me. I'm still new at this

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