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Help me marry my modern gray sofa to my transitional-ish living room

Eleanor Woolsey
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I let my husband convince me that a 10-foot-long contemporary charcoal sofa is just the thing we need for our living room. Now that it's here, something seems ... off. Husband took one look at the room,

and is now conspicuously absent, which confirms my impression that something is off. Returning is not an option, so I am hoping I could get some advice on how to get the sofa to play a little better with the other furniture in my room - including my particular concerns:

1. The sofa seems very long. Would a large rectangular coffee table help with the proportions? And if so, do you think I can get away with using the same style as the side table? I love that style, and really hope I don't have to go with something more contemporary, but not sure if it goes with the gray sofa.

2. Until I find a couple of club chairs, I am going to hold on to the ivory love seat you see in the photos. What can I do to integrate the sofa and love seat better a little bit? Right now, they seem to really clash.

3. Be honest - is that sofa way too large for the room, and should I just sell on craigslist and start anew? The room itself is pretty long - 27 x 13 or so.

Any other ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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