Master closet redesign

MT Castillo
2 years ago

I hate my master closet! I currently only have shelves and wood closet rods. It's basically a mess. I am planning a redesign and would like some advice.

The design I've come up with (using Martha Stewart closet units) is pictured. Walls F and I are corner shelf units. Those are the only kind of corner units in this collection, and I figure I can use them for things like handbags, hats, and shoes. Walls A and C are mirror images of each other, with a full shoe tower, a drawer/hanging unit, and a double hanging unit.

Wall B is more hanging and drawer storage. I love the idea of a shoe tower because currently, we store most of our shoes on the floor, which is a mess. I want drawers to organize the clothes (we ditched our dresser) and to tidy up the space.

I have this vision that this new design will enable us to get things off the closet floor, which will make vacuuming a lot easier. The drawers will keep things neat. Am I deluding myself? Is there something else I should consider before taking the plunge? I'll be doing the installation myself, so I really want to make sure I get the most out of it. So what do you love about your closet? What do you hate?

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