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HELP! Majesty Palm

Ashley Batchelor
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

As a new gardener, I have no clue how to care for my new plants! I recently bought a Majesty Palm from Home Depot. The card attached doesn't have many specifics other than making sure the plant isn't exposed to cold weather, so I assumed that bringing it inside during the winter would be necessary.

I live in North Carolina and we have been experiencing hot weather...80s and 90s. I put the plant on my front porch where it can get plenty of sunlight and watered it about 1/2 gallon every day or two. I have had it now for about a month and a lot of the branches are turning brown - it appears to be dying.

I moved the plant inside to the kitchen sink and watered it quite a bit. Some of the green branches are looking more perky and alert but there are still a lot of dead looking pieces.

Questions: Can I keep the plant outside during the summer? If so, should it be in the shade and how much/often to water? Should I clip the "dead" branches / leaves? How should I properly care for my Majesty Palm? Picture is of how it was purchases, I can attach current picture if needed! Thanks so much!

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