how to arrange furniture in living room with view

2 years ago

I have a great view from my new living room, which is large, but then there’s a tiny room behind it which I’m trying to use as a den so that the tv doesn’t have to be in the living room. I’d love advice on how to arrange furniture to emphasize the view in the LR, and how to arrange this tiny den. There will be a small wood stove in the den beneath the stove pipe in wall, so obviously the large dresser must go. Open to having tv in living room if it doesn’t compete with the view. The den is tiny so I really just want it to be cozy and as of now there’s not much room for more than one or two to watch tv anyway. Seemed a no brainer in the LR to have sofa facing windows but now I’m seeing nice pics from others who have placed sofas under windows or even facing away from the view. Thanks for any thoughts on either room!

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