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Help me arrange furniture with this awkward living room layout

3 years ago

Our home was built in 1979 and our grandparents were the previous owners. At some point they knocked down the wall separating the living room from the family room. I think it was a good decision as it lets in more light, but it makes for an awkward space. The family room is narrow and has a giant, off center fireplace wall with brick. The pillars are load bearing and make arranging furniture difficult. We have a large TV that is on a wall that serves also as a walkway space from the front door to the sunroom. The pictures here represent my current layout. The brick color and carpet color are actually pretty true to life. I am currently using the former living room as a pseudo office as it seemed silly to have two sets of living room furniture back to back.

Also, I welcome any advice on decor and styling, I have a few idea boards, we live near the coast in Florida and on golf course. I really like navy, rich wood color/texture and light natural fabrics.

I know you houzzers want real pics so I will edit this post in the morning when I have better light to work with. Thanks for any insight in the meantime.

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