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Do we have to use one warm and one cool bulb, will 2 cool bulbs work

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

For years I have been using, "40-watt 4ft T12 cool white, 4100K" bulbs to grow my african violets. On one shelf, I use 4 bulbs total in 2 shoplights. I have 2 shelves "ON" at the moment.

I havent changed my bulbs in 8 years. My violets are growing kind of slow and I am thinking of replacing all 8 bulbs on my shelves. I am planning to use the light meter app, someone recommended a while back.

My question is, should I just replace with 4 cool white bulbs or 2 cool & 2 warm bulbs? I have seen different recommendations. My plants grow in my basement, with no other light source.

Any suggestions welcome,



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