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Any experience with Artemisea "Powis Castle"?

3 years ago

Down at our cabin, for 2 years now, we have been pouring can after can of wasp killer on nests they seem to build over and over again on the east side of our front porch. They build under the metal roof in the rafters and underneath ledges of the bench we have there. The stuff kills them but they rebuild there.

Well, I read somewhere that Wormwood (Artemisea arborescens) is a natural repellent for wasps and other insects. So I bought one on eBay, as I've never seen it in a nursery before. It was in a 1-gallon pot (had dense root ball), I immediately moved it to a slightly larger pot with some fresh soil. It is doing nicely at this corner of the porch with watering every other week. This wasp season, not a single nest was constructed on that end of the porch, but THREE were built on the left end, under the roof again and on the window screens. Could it be they no longer like the east end because of my new plant addition? I'm going to assume that is indeed the case and will try to propagate 6-7 more plants this fall (optimum time) to see if we can keep them off the porch entirely. If successful, I'll put a couple on the back porch as well.

Right now, I'm keeping the one plant in a pot but as they can sprawl in width, I may have to go to a much larger pot eventually. I would welcome any personal experience or knowledge you have on this pretty silvery-leafed plant.

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