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Kitchen sink pre rinse spray faucets.. Chicago Faucet company?

wabi sabi
3 years ago

I am remodeling my kitchen, with an emphasis on heavy duty appliances and plumbing. I have pretty much settled on a 36 inch Kohler stainless farm house sink, (the Kohler Strive) and was looking at a restaurant style pre rinse faucet. I read a lot about the Kraus KPF-1602, but then read reviews about shoddy construction and poor sprayer performance. After reading about kitchen plumbing, the Chicago Faucet company name keeps coming up as the quiet yet built like a brick outhouse faucet company.

Does anyone here have experience with Chicago Faucet faucets and specifically their pre rinse spray faucets? I'd love to hear your thoughts....I am totally new at this.

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