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Builder not responding to repairs!

Hctz Aden
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago


My family started the journey of building in March 2018 and closed in April 2019 in New Jersey. The building process was filled with some starts and stops ( a notable stop for 2 months, the builder claimed he could not get some loan approval on time). We used 2 different home inspectors ( pre-drywall and pre-closing): the builder did not think well of the first inspector, which was a warning light, and decided to use someone else later, the builder again had problem here again. Basically he did not like people telling him how to do his job as my real estate agent called him out also with damaged siding among other issues. He signed an agreement that he would fix some things at closing. Also we requested he put some money in escrow with the issues and perhaps anticipated issues, unfortunately he said he does not put money in escrow to be released after job completion.

Well after walkthrough we discovered also that the doorbell was not working, some doors not locking, a damaged door needs replacement, etc. The house has 2 zone AC units with things are intensifying because upstairs new AC unit not cooling and that has been fixed twice but would work for 2-4 days or so then stopping. We have been contacting builder since last Friday July 12, while he picked up the phone on Monday he has not come over to fix, excusing he would attend to it but not treating the issue as urgent when weather has been around 90 degrees.

I seek your advice here on how to proceed with these issues. Thanking you in anticipation.

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