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Let’s gut “the Motel” to the studs

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

My husband and I have owned this...building...on a small lake in Maine in an association comprised of old fishing camps for almost 20 years. It is referred to as “The Motel,” because it was designed to be rented out As 4 individual rooms connected by a screened porch. each room used to have a full bathroom. For years we have done little in upkeep or renovation, paralyzed by the fantasy of someday putting in a real foundation (it is post and pad and it MOVES!) and going up.

The recent need for a new roof (being installed now) has closed door on that fantasy: we have come to terms with the fact that this is a camp, not a cabin, and if we can ever afford it and still want it, we will buy a bigger better place. In the meantime this is a crappy but happy place with lots of memories.

SO...let’s make this place all it can be! Yes an architect is the best way to go and I have reached out to some but this is a less-than-glamorous job.

Imagine that everything can go, maybe with some beams. The roof is a truss system. To keep costs low and facilitate anti-freezing measures, plumbing MUST remain in the back.

Best views are South and west (especially from the first three rooms from the left), afternoon sun from the west is beautiful and fully lights the two middle bedrooms via the windows in the bathroom. One thing that I could miss is the gorgeous cross-ventilation from the porch to the back, even with the tiny bathroom windows

we we love the huge porch and eat all the family meals out there In summer, but due to traffic flow it is way bigger than it would need to be if we didn’t have to use it as a hallway too. I have toyed with the idea of putting the porch on the south side. As long as there were room for seating as well as a large table. Maybe sliders on the south side would allow for large table inside instead but that is a lot of interior space.

This is also a ski place. Need big mud room but a better design could shrink ours a bit I suppose.

The he kids are teens. We really could move the functionality of the play part of their space to the common area. They have an air hockey table they probably use twice a year.

I would love to have a private guest “suite” as we do, along with girls and boys bunk areas with a bathroom and our own room with bathroom. There is plumbing for a bathroom we removed on the back wall of the kids room.

Ceilings are low. It is what it is. Makes it easy to keep warm at least.

View from south window

Kids room

Our room-2 queens

56’ screened porch

Would love bigger living space. We cook a ton here regardless.

This is what it’s all about.

Yikes we are painting this after the roof-this is the south facing side

Rebuilding the shed and getting rid of all the silky chimneys. Regrading etc too.

Propane tank wrecks view from kids room.

What at do you think?? Are you up for it Houzzers??

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