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Foyer chandeliers dilemma (2 identical ones vs 1 big + 1 small)?

3 years ago

Hi there:

We are trying to decide the chandelier configurations for the foyer in a custom home. Our electrician recommends having two chandeliers in the foyer area as it is big enough. One closer to the entry while the other next to the stairs.

Previously we planned to have just one long chandelier like this (28 bulbs):

Now we are debating between two alternatives, tried find idea photos but not much success.

1. Two identical chandeliers (both 28 bulbs, 12 ft hanging distance)

2. Smaller one in the front (14 bulbs, 10 ft hanging distance), bigger in the back (36 bulbs, 12 ft hanging distance)

Any suggestions? Our concerns is whether it is normal to have two identical big chandeliers in one area? Or same styles?

Here is the plan in the foyer area, the ceiling height is 20'

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