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Annie Deighnaugh

A former Trump voter fraud commissioner will apologize to citizens he wrongly described as noncitizens in reports claiming mass voter fraud in Virginia, according to a tentative settlement agreement reached this week in a lawsuit brought against the commissioner.

J. Christian Adams and his group the Public Interest Legal Foundation were sued last year over the “Aliens Invasion” reports they released in 2016 and 2017. The reports — which included names, phone numbers, addresses and social security numbers of individuals removed from voter rolls allegedly because they were noncitizens — amounted to defamation and voter intimidation, the lawsuit alleged.

Under the terms of the freshly announced agreement, PILF will have to remove from its website the report exhibits containing the individuals’ personal information, according to a press release Wednesday from the groups that brought the suit.

According to the press release, PILF will also have to add a statement in front of the reports that says, “PILF recognizes that individuals in [the removed exhibits] were in fact citizens and that these citizens did not commit felonies. PILF profoundly regrets any characterization of those registrants as felons or instances of registration or voting as felonies.”


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The sad part is the damage is done. Those people couldn’t vote and chances are this isn’t the only place it happened. Why did the Reps give Russia voter rolls? It is issues like this that can swing an election. After the fact, is too late. We have an illegitimate President as a result, imho.

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Annie Deighnaugh

And yet the rw meme of massive voter fraud continues despite the inability of anyone who went looking for it to find it...including trump's own appointed commission.

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You betcha, there is hardly any voter cheating and what's been found has mainly been the gop voting twice!

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The voter fraud was committed by the GOP. Tampering with the voter rolls and preventing people from voting is fraudulent. Add in making people wait in long lines in minority areas, broken machines, gerrymandering and you can win an election. Then point at the other party to distract.

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So many lies, so much corruption!

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