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How do these grout lines look? (rectified tile/flexcolor grout)

3 years ago

Just did our master bath over and the tile store told us the best grout to use was this Mapei flexcolor (which I guess is a latex grout?)?

The guy doing the work is a friend of ours who does all manner of contract work (electrical/plumbing/general construction etc). He does good work, but is a more old-school and dare I say "basic" professional. So for example, he only does mud jobs for the walk-in shower....but we had him work with a shower system instead. Another area we put him in uncharted territory was with this grout. He called me when he started working with it to say how difficult it was to work with. I think the issue was really that it dries so quick that you have to wipe it down a lot (which was a pain) but as a result, I think its hard to keep the grout lines filled with these rectified edge tiles.

Photos below are of the end result. Note, this is only on the shower walls....same rectified edge tiles same type of grout on floor and it looks much better, but I think thats just because you're not fighting gravity on the floor.

My guy says its not as nice as he would like it, but he thinks its good...and he doesnt think with that grout and that tile that he can get it any better. I had a different tile crew that I think often works with this type of grout do the backsplash in my kitchen last week so I had them take a look at the bathroom and they said its about as good as you can get with rectified edge tiles and that kind of grout. The kitchen looks much better, but its because the tiles do not have rectified edges.

So I am just does this look? Should I expect better? Could it be "fixed/improved"? Or is this as good as I should have expected.

It doesn't really bother me, I think the shower looks great, but I just want to be sure I know that the job was done, done completely, and done well before we close the book on it and start using it/living with it. If I should really have the grout fixed (or fix it myself) I just want to know that so I can keep it on my list of things to do or have done.

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