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Bathroom for River Otter (how best to contain the splash!)

Mittens Cat
4 years ago

We are remodeling a former (small) master bathroom that will now be used by the resident River Otter. I wanted one bathroom with curbless shower in the house and this one got the nod. G.C. says he's done the prep work, but now I'm starting to rethink the curbless part due to tendency of River Otter to soak everything in his path.

Sorry I don't have exact measurements, but here's a rough sketch, not to scale. I'm heading to the property in a bit and will get exact numbers. In the meantime, wondering whether to go glass for the shower, or shower curtain, or a bit of both (one glass wall, one curtain at entrance facing toilet). Obvious concern is whether there will be enough room for a glass door with that toilet so close.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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