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Landscape help-Front yard

Joanna Cucchi
4 years ago

I am looking for help on ideas for revamping my front yard. I live in California, zone 14 or 9b. I have a large front yard for this area with the typical grass and foundation planting. Due to drought and water shortages I would like to move toward a more water friendly landscape (not so much grass). The grass area in the pictures is approximately 38' by 46' with the foundation planting outside that area. I know we should add a walkway from the sidewalk but all of my thoughts get derailed by the magnolia tree in the center of the lawn. Since it is such a large area using it for something besides a stretch of grass would be great.


Front Center



Around the walkway to the door

After posting these I realize that my front door is a black hole. :) Please let me know if I have forgotten any information.


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