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Curb Appeal Emergency! Advice Needed

Luke Warren
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My wife and I just bought our first house, and it’s a fixer upper! We spent six months remodeling the inside (the best you can with a toddler running around) - refinishing the original quarter sawn oak floors, new modern kitchen and appliances, fixtures etc. We still have a lot to do there, but are ready to transform the exterior.

The previous owners rented the house for a decade and neglected cleaning the gutters and as a result our yellow pine lap siding is completely shot along with the many of the windows. Lucky for us, our contractor is replacing the siding with new yellow pine and putting in windows.

Since he’s taking it all down, we get to start fresh. Yay, but, eek! House color, trim, accents, even window molding are all up in the air for us. Let's not even get started on what to do with dozen stone terraces, and the roof is a next year project.

As a couple we’ve always loved craftsman/ bungalow style homes, but landed in what we think is a super-sized minimal-traditional house (1945). The granite foundation and terraced yard we know will make this a show stopper once we get it all done with it, but now that we've started replacing the siding we're not sure where to take it when we're done. We've tossed around the idea of going modern (the house is in Atlanta, GA) with dark colors and windows, but then started to fall back in love with the bright airy feel a spring color brings. In short, advice need and welcome!

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