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what type floor in a 100 year old house

3 years ago

we own a 100 y.o. cottage here in Newport RI. The original floors downstairs are sanded within an inch of their life and are unfixable. We want to put a new floor in through the first floor as part of a kitchen remodel - about 550 ft2

there is a laminate floor in the kitchen and 1/2 bath that is beginning to cup - probably due to water spills in the last 10 years. The living room, dining and hallways are the original tongue and groove (sanded down to nothing)

we have been looking at engineered hardwood, but my fear is that it will look like the cupped laminate after a few spills. Should we do solid wood floors throughout? Or is the newer engineered wood better ?

looked at LVT but not sure it would be a good choicer resale. Opinions?

the other "issue" is the quotes i am getting are in the $10k range for this. seems high to me

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