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Terracota tiles with SPC wood flooring

Rajul Jain
4 years ago

We have a 1600sqft house. Most of the house has terracotta tiles along which pans the living room, kitchen, halls and bathroom. Our bedrooom and family room has carpet.

The tiles are in perfect condition, and we do not want to remove them as that will go beyond our budget. We wanted to remove the carpet and replace it with wood. We were recommended SPC rigid vinyl flooring which fits our necessity as it is the least maintenance.

We wanted to know what wood will go best with the terracotta tiles we have (please check out the pictures). We would like something that complements the tiles rather than matches it as we want to somewhat reduce the orange tone of the house and make our living room/bedrooms a bit more contemporary (hence going with SPC). The overall idea is for the house to have a mix of traditional and contemporary themes.

TL;DR we want to replace our carpet with SPC which complements our terracotta tiles really well and any possible transition strip that can help with the transition.

Current tile to carpet transition (carpet will be replaced by SPC vinyl flooring)

Tiles go from living room to kitchen to dining area. Its all open. You can see the family room from living room.

Some samples we got from flooring outlets:

1. Giai Caribou (white series) ->

2. Republic Great Oregon oak- Japanese oak ->

3. Gemcore Topaz collection - Marina ->

4. Pergo Tiana ->

Would be really really grateful for comments and feedback. Thank you!

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