Need advice on wear & tear of acrylic tubs (Kohler, Mirabelle, Am St)

Rebecca Mauri
2 years ago

Looking for folks who have direct experience with the Kohler Archer, the Mirabell 6030 Soaker or American Standard Acrylic tubs and can speak to/offer 2 cents about the wear and tear/durability of the finish. Our current tub/shower combo is a Kohler cast iron Villager. And this is the only shower in our house. So durability is really important to us.

I would keep my Villager for our remodel project, however, we are trying to fix some other issues in the bath, namely the strange. layout of drain, spout, and control valves/shower head. (the drain is on the exterior wall left, the spout on the center wall and the valves and shower head the right side wall. We want everything aligned as a right side drain). Because of this --the tub needs to go.

My contractor would of course love it if we go to acrylic tub and when I've showered in other acrylic tubs when visiting family or traveling they don't feel as solid under the feet. I also worry most about how easily they might be scratched or damaged? We have dog and 4 people who will use this regularly for bathing. Though all the showroom reps give glowing reviews about the finish and durability.

I could stay with cast-iron and the Kohler Bellweather looks like the best choice if we do that. Though the plumber and contractor will hate carrying that beast up a flight of stairs.

Thank you!

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