Adding linen closet to small bathroom

Brodie D
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Our guest room has a large reach-in closet that’s about 7’ wide. We need to replace the doors on it, and it’s impossible to get them this size without special ordering them and spending a small fortune. The closet itself is WAY bigger than we need it to be for a guest room, so I was thinking of stealing some space from it and adding a linen closet into our main bathroom that backs onto the guest room.

Then the guest closet would be about 4’ wide (perfect for our needs - and super easy to get replacement doors for) and we’d get some more much-needed storage in our bathroom. We have a small linen closet in our hallway which just isn’t cutting it.

My husband thinks it will look weird to have an extra door in our bathroom though, in the middle of the wall. I think it would be fine though! This closet area also has the access to our attic, so I can’t just do open storage in the bathroom instead. It needs to be a standard closet with ceiling access and removable shelves.

Current layout (small square at bottom of guest closet is the existing hallway linen closet):

Proposed layout:

What do you think? Would it look okay? Tell me I’m not crazy! :)

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