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If you have a Ton of home-made compost, like I do, what would you do?

4 years ago

I'm not really asking a question. I'm just bragging. I know what I'm going to do with it. I'm going to take it by the handfuls and cover every inch of space between my yellow and purple zinnias, my Alternanthera and my new Euphorbia x martini and my yellow and purple snapdragons, lots of Diamond Frost euphorbia, browallias, Jacob's Ladder and my echinaceas and purply penstemons giving my plants the lovely, unparalleled, fresh, dark, forest-like, rich, moist floor that only a compost mulch can give them.

For you haters out there, you had your chances last fall. When I was out barrowing truckloads of leaves and grass clippings and chicken manure, you were probably living it up poolside.

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