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What should I get for my first climbing rose?

L Lake
3 years ago

Hi all!

I've finally gotten the opportunity to purchase my first climbing rose. I'm planning to plant two of them on either side of a rose arch, which is next to a picket fence so both plants can go up the arch and take over the fence as well. I am located in zone 6

I'm looking for a climbing rose with a pale pink color, repeat-flowering (I will be deadheading it) and disease resistant. Currently, I am torn between three choices, the New Dawn Climbing Rose, A Shropshire Lad (David Austin), and The Generous Gardener (David Austin).

I've read a number of reviews on the David Austin roses and have found wildly varying opinions, so I'm quite unsure which to get. Ideally, my first choice would be A Shropshire Lad, as I like its light almost-white color, and the fact that it's an English rose, however it seems like New Dawn is a tried and tested, reliable and beautiful climber as well.

Help please!

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