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Help! Cooktop is placed - need to configure rest of kitchen

4 years ago

This is (finally) my dream remodel in my forever home. I am at long last creating the open concept home I have always wanted.

It necessitates moving the kitchen to a new location. That's OK - in fact, I am moving it to the existing family room which currently has a fireplace, so the cooktop/exhaust hood can sit nicely where the fireplace chimney is. *All* I have to do it configure the rest of the kitchen. Sounds easy? Maybe, but I am stuck - and I need your insight.

Attached, with any luck, is a pic. Also, be aware of the following:

  • Two walls are 14' each. Countertops are 25" deep.

  • I've drawn the cooktop with four circles on it. Disregard any other drawn fixtures. It's all up for debate.

  • Note - the small square between kitchen and dining table is a support beam. Ugh. Still thinking that through as well.

  • *Island countertop is 9' x 9'. He's drawn a 12" overhang. That's not enough.

  • *Interior walkways are 40". I think they should be wider.

  • *Exterior walkway (between island countertop and track of slider) is 48" That's not enough either.

  • *Those three things shouldn't be too had to rectify, I hope, since we can shrink the island.

    And, if it's useful, I posted the full plan, too. Open concept - in its very early stages - we are not tackling bedrooms or bathroom in this project.

  • House is 3200 sq ft. In Florida. We are empty-nesters who like to cook & entertain.

  • Small utility room is off of the kitchen, leading to the garage. (Note my Maserati!)

  • Dining table will be in the center of the space, as shown.

  • In the bay window area near dining table, he's drawn cabinets but I am thinking it will probably be a sitting nook instead - with a couple of comfy chairs and a small table to handle a couple of coffee mugs or wine glasses. The view off the back of the house is very pretty - and when we remove the walls, you'll be able to appreciate that, since the whole back wall will pretty much be glass.

  • living/family room is at other end with couches and a large screen TV on the far wall.

  • Area near front door was going to have a pool table (as shown in the drawing) but now we are thinking it may be another sitting area - or maybe even a bar area. In fact, we are considering making the wall that is shared by the utility room a full run of display wine storage. We have a large collection. That wall is 16.5' long.

I am amazed at the talented and insightful comments offered in these Houzz discussions. Thank you in advance for the thoughts that you share.

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