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Pool elevation is 6" too high

4 years ago

The TOC (top of coping) was supposed the meet the bottom of the one step off the existing flagstone patio under the deck. This did not happen, pool elevation meets/actually a 1/2" higher than the flagstone patio. Needless to say, we are SO po'd. The last thing I wanted was a solid flush deck in the backyard. The pool is built on a downward slope in the backyard, so the backside of pool is elevated 24". We now have to get creative here and find a way for it to work. Problem is, prominent builder Mid-Atlantic area, doesn't seem to have creativity. Because it's freeform, some areas of decking may look more sloped than others, for example the area behind the spa. Too close to the house so it will be exaggerated in that area. I'm fed up, and ready to tell them to get the jack hammer out. Any ideas? All they can talk about is drainage grills separating the two materials. Flagstone/brushed concrete. Not very creative to me. Plus the stairs from the above wood deck going down to the landing needs be lower and we turn the corner and step up to the pool area? This really sucks. What do you think?

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