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Flowers on a Tuesday with no rain

Our rain has passed for a few days, but now the heat is on. I made quite a few pollinations and didn't take the time to take too many pictures.

Impressionist Sky was just begging for a clump shot.

I'm a King Bee is one of the reasons I love bonus plants. I would never have picked it for myself, but now that I am growing it, I find I like it a lot. It's a very large flower.

Lights of Detroit is one that Bob picked. It is one of the plants Richard Norris used in his Substantial Evidence lines. Bob likes how flat-faced it is.

The rest of these are seedlings. This is Catching Fire X (Empire of Dawn and Dusk X Ruby Lipstick).

I guess we are learning that you can't really judge a seedling's plant habit until you give it a little space. Crammed in the seedling bed last season, this one appeared a little puny with a low bud count. Now it's in the observation bed, it has tall scapes, more buds, and a huge flower. This pollen went around the garden today. This is Lavender Oasis X Tet. Rose F. Kennedy.

This is another one that is flourished now it is out of the seedling bed. This is Pumpkin Prince X Remembered Kisses. We moved it based on its flower, but now the plant is showing promise too. The flower is quite large also.

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