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adding curb appeal to 70's mid century ranch

Sean K
4 years ago

A visitor (a friend of mine) ran into my garage door and the whole door needs to be replaced. I've been wanting to add curb appeal and since I am replacing the garage door, I guess this is a good time to spend some money for improvements. This is my first house (purchased less than a year ago) and I am looking for some design advice. PO repainted the exterior in dark bronze and I added black frame windows and barn lights to bring a commercial look but I am not sure if I am going in the right direction. I don't have a good picture of the house on my phone but the attached photo should give you some idea. For the garage door, I was thinking a flush door with side windows but I am open to different ideas. What other things can add curb appeal? I can think of new siding, new front porch column & railing, or different exterior color, etc. The third photo is a porch column idea I found online. I would really appreciate your ideas!

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