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Living Area / Kitchen Makeover: floors, walls, need advice

5 years ago

After nearly 9 months of demolition and rebuild, we are nearly to the point of needing to make design decisions on our hurricane-ravaged home. Most of the house, except for the kitchen, was demo'd to studs and slab/subfloor. Pre-storm, the house decor was dated...mostly because we didn't want to make design decisions lol. So this is our opportunity for a makeover.

Here are some pre-storm photos to show the layout of the living space, and close-up of the cabinetry and counter top that we're considering keeping. Everything else is a blank slate, including the furniture.


What color flooring, stairs, trim? We are leaning to LVP (possibly CoreTec Dakota Walnut or Carolina Pine but absolutely open to other LVP) with with moulding/trim, wood stair treads with white risers. I don't dislike the cabinets, but am finding the red tones hard to coordinate with.

Walls. I've never liked the yellow in there now. Lots of light in the living room and loft, especially now that all the trees are gone. Living room faces just South of due East, with large windows on both left (north-ish) and right (south-ish) right walls.

Have no idea what to call our "style", but we like simple, timeless, as we may not be redecorating until the next Category 5 storm.

Thank you!!

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