Floof! Workout music...or other entertainment.


Do those of you that workout regularly have a regular playlist? I have lots of different things I like to listen to when I walk. When I am at home, I am watching something on my kindle while on the treadmill. But when I do my walking at work I either listen to an audiobook on my ipod or use my bluetooth earbuds to listen to stuff on my phone. I have some christmas music playlists on amazon that I like,as well as the I heart radio app,also for Christmas music. I do have non Christmas music playlists too, but I prefer to listen to them in the car or at home as opposed to when I am walking. Christmas music just gives me a joyful energy to help me push through. Audiobooks help me zone out and go on autopilot for awhile.
Sometimes I will listen to a video. Last night during my walk I listened to maybe 3 episodes of that British show: Supersized vs. Superskinny on YouTube. The night before it was old Barefoot Contessa episodes on the food network app. I don't WATCH them while I walk outside,but i press play and put my phone in my pocket and listen through my earbuds. Is that weird? If it is,oh well, it helps me. I need to settle on what to listen to tonight when i go walking at midnight.
Do you have a regular playlist, or do you listen to different things everytime,or do you go without any outside entertainment and just focus? When I used to take sammy walking in the park I didn't listen to anything, as I felt I needed to be more alert and aware of my surroundings in a public park. But here at work is very secure and I don't have it so loud that I cannot hear someone calling me on my radio,which I wear on my hip while I walk.What do you like to listen to?

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When I walk (which isn't happening right now be because it's too darn hot), I like to listen to the sounds around me - birds singing, squirrels chattering, lizards scurrying through dry underbrush, etc.

When the weather forces me to workout indoors, I listen to a classic rock station on the radio.

Im pretty low tech and have never been able to concentrate on audio books and the like. My mind wanders and next thing i know ive missed all of the important parts.

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I cannot listen to audiobooks either. I do have playlists that I use for various activities.

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I prefer outdoor activities to workouts. I would find a treadmill unbearably boring. I like to ride horses, walk, and ride my one speed cruiser. The closest thing I do to a workout is movement based (Alexander Technique). I am stretching, balancing, concentrating on feeling, movement, visualizing my anatomy and breathing. So music doesn't really suit my kind of workout. The only exercise equipment I use are therapy bands and occasionally I use a balance ball for centering.

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Raye Smith

I have playlists that with music organized by BPM. This encourages me to listen to music at the same speed I'm exercising. My music choices range from 40's big band to current Christian.

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I have an MP3 player, it's tiny. I wear it when working outside on a house or running in a park. It's got music with a beat. Flash Dance type music. ie: Before He Cheats, Charmed Life, Love Runs Out, Single Ladies

I watch movies if I'm on a treadmill "or" TV.

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Blues and rock while cycling outside/exercising inside. There is actually controversy related to wearing earphones/listening to music while cycling, the naysayers say that one cannot hear cars coming etc. while listening. But my hearing is poor so I would not hear them anyway.

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I don't work out....but I "work out"....I work outside. I was outside until noon yesterday, and getting ready to repeat that in a few minutes. I listen to talk radio from 8 to 2, Monday thru Friday. Right now I am listening on I-Heart on my phone, but it never fails, if there is something I am really interested in, there are a couple of spots on this place that I loose connection, so I recently ordered a little Sony pocket radio, which is how I used to listen, but wore it out. After those programs are over for the day, I usually listen to podcasts until 5 and then from 5 to 7, back to talk radio because one comes on twice a day.

On weekends, I listen to pod casts. I have also listened to various things on youtube....yep, even cooking shows, so you are not alone in that.

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I never listen to music when i run or walk outside. Too dangerous, IMO, as you can’t hear approaching vehicles or animals. Plus I would rather enjoy nature.

I don’t care for the ‘dreadmill’ but have to use it occasionally due to the weather. I do listen to my playlist, which is ever changing and growing. Or lately I will listen a Podcast. I can’t focus on an audiobook enough to enjoy one.

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