Yet another scam...and problems with a Macy's return.


This morning, I got a computer-generated phone call saying it was Amazon. They were calling to inform me that someone used a particular IP address in Ohio and had accessed my Amazon Prime account yesterday. If I was not the person doing this, I was to press "1" to be put through to Amazon Security. It just didn't feel "right" so I simply hung up.

I went online and yes, this is a scam to get your password and credit card information. Getting pretty fancy putting in IP addresses! One just cannot be too careful these days.

Back in late April, I ordered two new swimsuits from Macy's online. They were a brand I have ordered many times before, but I could not still see the size in my present swim suits, so I ordered 2 sizes larger. With my pulmonary problems, pulling on anything tight is extremely fatiguing.

They arrived in two separate packages and it took me at least 3 weeks to have the strength to actually try them on; they were too big - needed one size smaller. I didn't want to mess with sending them back, I on Mon, I was finally able to get DGS1 for enough hours to do some errands with me, with him pushing me in my transport chair. I gathered up the two swim suits from a small loveseat in my bedroom where they had been "living". Only one had it's receipt - cleaning woman had been here on Fri and instead of dusting, decided to "tidy up" my loveseat and threw out one of the receipts. Thanks SO much!

Went to Macy's at my closest mall and there were two women working at the counter and not a customer in sight. I gave them the two suits, explained that though ordered at the same time, they had been shipped separately with separate sales receipts, one of which I did not have. I gave them my AmEx card as that will usually show them the charge on their register. They used one of those scanning guns and scanned both suits, printed out receipts and gave them to me along with the one sales receipt I had. I then made the mistake of not looking at them, but instead put them in a small leather envelope I keep in my handbag for all receipts.

We did two other errands and when I got home, I had an email that PayPal had credited me for one of the suits. I didn't remember using PayPal, but when I do, I used it with my AmEx card so my only concern was why were there not TWO emails showing TWO swim suits returned. I pulled out the two return receipts and realized that the suit for which I HAD a receipt had been credited with the sale price, not what I had paid - a difference of $30+. I immediately called the store and was told that the two women who helped me had left for the day and this young girl (she sounded quite young) said she could do nothing to help me - I would have to come back to the store. Now THAT was going to be a problem!

So yesterday, I looked online at my AmEx account and found the two original charges. I printed this out and today, I called Macy's Customer Service number. I was immediately put through to a call center somewhere in Asia. The rep could barely speak English and could not understand that I returned TWO suits that had been charged and shipped separately. After repeating the explanation and given her receipt number, I asked for a supervisor. This one spoke English well, but still could not understand that these suits were on two separate receipts, both originally and with the return. She finally "got it" and finally found the sale in her computer but it didn't show the amount credited? Huh? I was on my computer and while she was checking again, I saw that I had mail. Voila! A notice from AmEx of two credits to my account, each entered differently and yes, one for the incorrect amount. I told her I was looking at this right now - it was from AmEx. Would she like me to forward the email to her? No, she realized she was looking in the wrong place and now said she would credit my account for $30 plus sales tax. We will see if it shows up on AmEx in the next day or two. If it doesn't, I'll call AmEx and they will do a chargeback - they are very good about this.

Next time, I'll look at the return receipts BEFORE leaving the department. One would not think that would be necessary but in today's world, it is.

I'm now exhausted.

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That sounds terribly exhausting!!

I hope it's all taken care of.

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Yes that sounds very frustrating. We get so busy it's hard to always remember to be self-protective. It almost has to be like a mantra: before I leave this place I have to protect myself by looking at my receipts. Luckily most of the time it can be taken care of.

The last time I had trouble with purchasing at a store I had ordered at a Canadian Superstore for pick up. Will generally speaking I don't go looking through the bags to make sure I have everything as I buy quite a bit at a time, $500 worth.

Next time I will though! I arrived home without a $30 block of cheese. I immediately phoned and said I did not receive my cheese and they subsequently found it in their fridge sitting in the back. I received my cheese when I went back there to get it. I felt like I had gone shopping anyway. Oh well these things happen.

I hope your issue is completely resolved and am glad you got a refund for the suit with no receipt.

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