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SMALL DEN AREA off kitchen -- NEED HELP!!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Small den area - approx. 11' x 11' next to our kitchen. These are our only bookshelves in the house & will have books in addition to some travel collectibles, etc. They came with really nice trim (crown, etc.) but if I push them together, have to have internet cords etc. MOVED as they are under end table in center.

Just downsized, so have LOTS OF STUFF to sort through, but trying hard not to overload house as I've really enjoyed a more minimal "existence" the last few months. This new blind has already "failed" and is going back to store -- will be replaced by plantation shutter now on order. Purchased natural fiber rug yesterday (my first) and am looking for 2 smaller profile chairs for in front of bookcases. Wondering ...

1-Love the credenza/granite top (family piece) & could easily paint it ... does it work?

2-Should TV be mounted on wall; I like to see it from kitchen where I spend a lot of time ....

3-DH has Civil War pistols (3 or 4) & 2 CW rifles ... what about mounting them in this room?

4-Should chairs offer a pop of color (teal or navy?) or stay on neutral palette?

5-Also have 3 antique wall clocks that could be hung above credenza if the TV "LEFT THE ROOM".

REALLY APPRECIATE ANY & ALL INPUT!! (Sorry Pix are dark - room is light & bright!)

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