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combined living room family room layout help!

4 years ago

I am needing a pros advise here as I can't figure out placement! we moved into this house and it has a combined living room and family room. Because the kitchen is behind the wall and we like to entertain, I really want a bar somewhere in this room. doesn't have to be huge but it is a must. We own 2 Barcelona chairs which we really want to keep against a wall as they are not pretty from behind. We also have an 83" couch but at this point no other furniture. I need to figure out where to put a TV and ideally not above the fireplace I am including a sketch of the room. I was thinking maybe 4 chairs facing each other around the fireplace and maybe a couch facing the TV with the 2 Barcelona against the wall and maybe 2 ottoman on the other side by the bar placement is stumping me. Please help give me suggestions! i am in reno hell so lleaze ignore the mess

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