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36 inch gas range recommendation

5 years ago


Looking for some recs on 36 inch gas ranges. We remodeled when we bought our house in 2013 and went the cheap route with an NXR...6 years later, you get what you pay for and we are looking for a replacement that will be reliable for many years. Not looking to go as high-end as Viking, but definitely looking to step up. It's overwhelming to research, and it seems that every brand has a lot of negative reviews. I'm having a difficult time filtering through to find something that sounds reliable and cooks consistently. Blue Star...seems a little more maintenance and tinkering than we would like. GE...appears to catch fire. Bertazzoni...requires a lot of small part replacements and is very difficult to service. Wolf...I like that it is made in the USA, and it seemed to have positive comments, but then when i really started researching, the reviews they are really, really bad. I almost feel like we have to choose the lesser of all evils, which is not a nice feeling since it is such a huge investment. And trust me, I do a lot of research online for most things. I understand that you will find positive reviews and negative reviews. But for this category of 36 inch gas ranges, it seems to skew so much more negative than anything else. What do you think?

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