Ilve 48” range and what additional oven?

J Inhof
2 years ago

We are planning our remodel and I have purchased an Ilve Majestic 48” to be the centerpiece/focal point of the kitchen. That said, I would like to buy another oven to place at eye level for ergonomc and practical reasons (self cleaning—this Ilve is not self cleaning). I am confused about all the combi ovens—microwave? Steam? Convection? Or straight old fashioned oven? I need a 24” version of whatever I pick to complement the Ilve.

It is just my husband and I eating and cooking on a daily basis with some holiday entertaining with just 15 guests. I used to cook (gourmet style) and bake a lot but I have stopped most of that because we are on diets and want to stay slim. I want the new oven to be easy to use and efficient. I’m afraid of getting an oven that has too many bells and whistles that I won’t use it Or it will break and be totally useless. But if there is an oven that is highly recommended and it can do reliable microwave defrosting and reheating and roast a pork tenderloin or a chicken cock au vin i think that would be great.

Any thoughts? Thank you. J.

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