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replacing concrete with lawn, proper grading and drainage

5 years ago

When I bought my house, there was an ugly concrete pad in the backyard. I planned to remove it, put in new soil, and seed some grass. Since my house was built (40 years ago), the drainage has not been that great, and my basement foundation suffered a great deal. I just had the basement walls braces a short time ago. Anyway, now that the pad is out, putting in some proper drainage is very important for me, in order to avoid future foundation problems.
I have read that using clay under the soil and sloping it away from the house over about 6 feet would help carry water away. I have also thought about installing a french drain at the end of that clay ramp.
But, when I removed the pad, of course.. sand! I have also been told I do not want to put clay on the sand. Sand seems like it would be a good base for concrete, but not for a lawn.
Should I remove this sand? It seems like it goes pretty deep, especially around the foundation. Is it supposed to stay there? I'm not sure what to do!
Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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