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Some forgotten North American native Clematis

4 years ago

All in the viorna group. Perfect little bells with nectar for hummingbirds and bees , even after a thunderstorm. Beautiful flowers and seed heads. Colors range from almost white to deep purple, red, many shades of pink. Some are tipped in yellow as in C. glaucophylla. Most are native to southeastern US. Many marketed hybrids originate from texensis genetics . The reddest flower on the plate is C. texensis. These are seldom seen even in the finest botanic gardens and

are quite tolerant of heat and humidity.

Yesterday I pinched off a flower from many of the vines in my garden. Rain had moved in for several days so colors are not as pristine as could have been. Other plants like C. ochroleuca, coactilis flowered earlier and do not grow as vines but as short perennials.

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