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New Master Suite bath/closet layout, Help!!

Brian M
4 years ago

Hi all, I have been reading through lots of good advice from all of you on Houzz and am reaching out to see if anyone can help me. My wife and I are creating a master suite downstairs in our house and the problem we are having is how to lay out the bath and closet. I am attaching a drawing that is on graph paper to scale for the area designated for the bath and closet. The area in the bold lines is for this. The access needs to be on the wall that is 13.5’. We really want a freestanding tub, 2 sinks, a walk in shower, and a toilet room with a door. The closer we have now is 5.5’ x 8’ so anything should be an improvement. I appreciate any ideas and insight you might have.
Thanks in advance!

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