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Miele W1, what detergents are good also has anyone heard of Lenor?

Rebecca King
4 years ago

New owner of a W1 and it's my first Miele washer. I am in love! I went through some of the old threads in here and based on what was mentioned, picked up the german persil color powder, perwoll wool, the miele ultrawhite, and have on order the outdoor miele liquid for hiking stuff and printed out roco's cheat sheet. I'm in the US, but there is a store in my neighborhood that has imported detergents for cheap, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Lenor, Ariel, or the european liquid persil gels? Do people have a preference for any whitening Tide products with bleach over the miele ultra white for linens?

Also my old setup was homemade detergent in a portable toploader with an occasional boil wash in a pot on my stove with blueing [big life upgrade here with detergent choice overload]. Has anyone used blueing in their miele successfully or is it just not needed since things are finally getting super clean?

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