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Convince me to get hardwood floors

3 years ago

I know this is a question that gets asked all the time most likely. I am debating getting all hardwood floors. Not worried about the cost, should be under 10k to have it all installed. My idea is to do red or white oak and it will be around 800 square feet. This would be kitchen, living room, hallway and laundry room. Someone talk me into this! Been debating this back and forth for several years. I want to update my floors but I just can't make a final decision on this one.

I don't like tile and grout at all but the only bonus is that they are totally impervious to water. My concern with wood everywhere is not scratches, it's pets having accidents on it. Our dog is ok, he hasn't had an accident in the house in several years, but when our last dog was ill at the end of her life she pee'd everywhere under the kitchen table because she couldn't get up. How bad would this have damaged hardwood if it was there? Is it easy to get the odor out of the wood? Does it seep between the cracks in the wood and get under?

Any advice appreciated. I have narrowed my choices to Shaw solid hardwood with more of a matte finish, I might pick one that has a little more gloss to it but they are all either 4" or 5". The 4" are white oak and the 5" are red oak. One Shaw I looked at was 4" Townsend Copper white oak. This one had a little higher gloss level but it is not semi-gloss, it borders on matte.

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