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Shower head and handheld without using a diverter

3 years ago

Our bathroom is getting renovated. In the shower stall, we would like a hand held that's mounted separately on a wall, in addition to shower head, just like the attached picture

We've already picked combo kit that comes with a shower head and a tub filler. Below is a link to the shower kit:

The valve that comes in the kit has no diverting function (just a a basic multichoice universal valve). Additionally we have no use for the tub filler that comes with the kit since there is no tub.

Instead we would like the hand held to be installed in its place. Below is the link to the hand held kit:

We're told that a diverter is necessary for this type of set up. Problem is there is no diverter valve kit that matches the design that we have already picked. So we were wondering if it was possible to away without a diverter.

Both the shower head and hand held have pause functions. So in technically there is a functionality to divert the water between the two heads.

I briefly discussed this with the contractor and he commented that while it is possible, he is concerned with pressure issues and that a diverter valve is necessary. I somewhat disagree with him because my proposed set up is identical to how a shower / tub filler would be set up.

Would like to hear some comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance

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