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Walk in Pantry - Shelf Design Help

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Pantry is already built here are the dimensions.

when you walk in you have 5" one side and 1" on the other side, i was thinking maybe a 4" shelf on the right would be good there for condiments and such. then when get in past the 37.5" wide section, i can do a deeper 10" or whatever is best shelf on the left side.

then on the back wall have that be for extra deep storage of 14" or so?

what you think of that plan, can someone come up with a better one?

pantry to be used mainly for food storage, also paper plates and such, perhaps some small appliances.

the 37.5" wide section is an 8.5 foot ceiling and then it is 10' high in the 44.5" section

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