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Help with roof color - too dark?

4 years ago

Hello. We are about to re-roof our house this week (a roofer became available). The house is white and as of now, it will stay white for the foreseeable future. The roofer suggested Certainteed or Tamko shingles and the colors of Certainteed Georgetown Gray or Tamko Virginia Slate. Up-close the Georgetown Gray has a bit of green in it (which I'm not a fan of). I haven't seen the Tamko shingles and the lumber yard said Certainteed is a better shingle. Another person suggested the IKO Harvard Slate (the roofer is less of fan of the IKO). In this photo the roof feels very mid-tone but in person I feel it is darker (I'm know lighting makes a big dif. I have a photo of the house in shade and the roof of course looks darker).

In looking at the shingles I found myself gravitating to the Certainteed Pewterwood (Landmark) - they don't have the green in them, but they are a little darker than the Georgetown.

What do you suggest? I'd like a nice medium gray - and rather skew to medium dark vs. medium light, but don't want a dark black roof. We have a lot of roof visually. Is the Pewterwood too dark? I thought a medium / medium dark roof would also give the house a little visual punch - but would the Pewterwood overwhelm the house? Thank you.

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