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Scrap our $6k plans?? Buying bigger lot. Advice??

Jennifer C
4 years ago

I'll try to keep this as condensed as possible.

Fiance and I are building a new home after ours burned down. Have the empty lot and plans are done...but we just found and are purchasing a property that would be much better for us. New lot has gas, greenbelt view, larger lot and a pool that we plan on redoing. We were wanting to build a pool so it will save us about 20k.

Now that we have a bigger lot I'm rethinking building a two story. We chose two story due to the small lot we had but now we have the space. The second story would have guest bedrooms above kitchen/dining with a balcony at the stairs overlooking the living room. Living room/entry would have flat ceilings from the second story at 18ft. the rest of the house is 9ft.

Is it crazy to start all over? My fear is that we are making a mistake with the tall ceilings and second story. One contractor we talked to had concerns of our living room looking like a silo. Thoughts on either plan? The single story is a model home we walked through that I would make some changes to but really liked the layout. If I chose the second plans I would like the living room entry 12ft and 10ft for the rest. Any advice appreciated!

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