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Identify & rush replace mom's flowers that I accidentally killed..? :(

3 years ago

Hi, I could go on for days about how awful and stoopid I feel for having done this, but I'll try to get to the point. Several weeks ago while at my elderly parents' midwest home helping them prepare to sell it, I accidentally mistook some sprouting plants for weeds and sprayed them with weed killer! Hours later I realized my mistake when looking at pictures of the house taken a couple of years ago. In those I could tell that the smallish grassy-looking sprouts I doused were the same ones that would have grown much larger and been in bloom with the yellow flowers my mom loves by sometime in June. (That's probably more important this year than ever, for 'curb appeal' when listing the house.) To say my heart sank is a major understatement!!

I searched what to do and then gently poured several buckets of water all over each plant (no hose around), although that was probably at least six hours after the act. Then for a few weeks I thought maybe it wouldn't be a complete disaster, because while not really expanding, at least the plants were still green. But then I suddenly noticed last week that the blades of the plants were largely yellow and brown. (There had been a lot of heavy rain in recent weeks, tho if anything I had hoped that would help...) I removed the dead blades but that left little of most of the five or six plants. At least one appeared to be dead to the roots. The other, different plants in the corral seem fine (weren't sprayed).

My mom doesn't do the gardening herself now, the present landscaping was done by a service years ago. I think it's the same service that still maintains their lawn, but I have a call into them to make sure (it's the weekend so I don't know when I'll hear back). I hope they can keep this confidential for now... I dream of being able to fix it before it's noticed... My mom hasn't said anything yet and with everything that's going on it's possible it hasn't jumped out yet, but it surely will soon. I'd like to have a plan underway and to know what I'm up against:

1. What are these flowering plants?

2. Is it likely that the landscaping service will be able to put in replacements that are either already blooming, or would bloom within weeks? (I assume it's way too late to grow them 'from scratch!')

3. What would your guess be as to the cost range I might be looking at to fix this... if even possible? ('Repair' would need to be complete by July, since the house will be listed then and should sell fast.)

The first two pics were taken during the third week of June 2017:

The below pre-bloom pic was taken in mid-May of 2017. At the time I ignorantly sprayed the sprouts this year, they weren't this large yet, they were perhaps a third of the size shown here (I can't remember the date but am thinking it was early May...):

I'm currently back home out of state but will be returning to my parents' house within a couple of weeks. Any advice -- and opinions on the chances of getting things back to where they should be in time -- would be much appreciated! Clearly I know nothing about plants and gardening and even just some perspective on the magnitude of the disaster would help. Thanks for reading!

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