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Groundcover for Clay Loam/Borderline Clay soil and full sun

5 years ago

So I've posted recently about low groundcover options for Southern California Zone 10B. Then, after digging up the soil this weekend, I realized that the majority of suggested options wouldn't work well because the soil is clay loam/borderline clay and gets very muddy when wet and doesn't drain well but the surface of the soil develops cracks the day after wetting it. I don't have a professional soil analysis but looked up a bunch of information and videos on assessing soil composition at home using feeling the soil texture method and the soil "ribbon test." The result was clay loam. This particular area of the ground was also very compacted for many years before we moved in so the soil isn't in the best condition though we tilled the soil best we could. Is there any low groundcover that will tolerate clay loam/clay soils and can grow in full sun? Ideally there would be a stepping stone path down the middle so I'm looking for something that isn't going to cover the stepping stones. Currently, the only option I'm coming up with is creeping jenny but that grows too quickly between flagstone pavers.

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